Anna Marly – Halalooba  

Anna Marly – Halalooba
Слова и музыка Анны Марли

When I first came to this country, I was deeply impressed by the Westerns; I think its something you know about. Westerns here, Westerns there, Westerns in the TV; the children next door are always in cowboy and Western, western west; of course, why not?
And, I felt very five, even, and I wrote a little Parisian Western song.
And, well, you will judge, you will tell me afterward if you like it.


Песня с пластинки "Anna Marly her songs and her guitar" (Анна Марли, её песни и гитара) "Chanteclair recording company"

Anna Marly – Halalooba - поёт Анна Марли

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