Anna Marly - Forget  

Lyrics and music by Anna Marly

Forget it, my darling caballero
Forget it, I wasn't nice to you
We met and dancing the bolero
I left and said: "This kind of fashion can not be true"

Now I dream of you in the daylight
Every night I dream of you
No te desesperes
Vaya lo mejor
Deja todo por tu amor

Forget, I've never answered your letter
Forget, I did not believe once more
But now you see what does it matter
If nothing counts only you darling, mi amor

En una playa lejana
Vamos a vivir los dos
Donde una soberana
Brinda con su...

Nunca te dejaré mi vida
Nunca me cansaré de ti
Juro que esta despedida
Despuntará más a mí

Anna Marly - Forget

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